Legacy Library: Terence Kemp McKenna
A listing of Terence’s own library will gradually
appear at LibraryThing. From Agrippa & Dee to
Wasson & Leary, find out what Terence read!

Brotherhood of the screaming abyss
Dennis McKenna’s memoir is now available.
“[T]his is a countercultural classic, gritty balast
for the UFO at the end of history.” —Erik Davis

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Terence McKenna Bibliography      

The Web's largest list of references to books, articles, audio,
video, interviews and translations by and about Terence
McKenna (1946–2000). Many links and lots of cover art.
Read more about this Visionary Philosopher, Shamanologist
and Psychedelic Raconteur

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  1. Books, Pamphlets & Computer Software   [ updated 02/26/13 ]
  2. Books with Contributions   [ updated 07/25/13 ]
  3. Journals & Magazines with Contributions   [ updated 02/26/13 ]
  4. Interviews   [ updated 07/22/13 ]
  5. Translations of Books & Articles   [ updated 07/22/13 ]
  6. Audio Media   [ updated 07/22/13 ]
  7. Video Media   [ updated 02/26/13 ]
  8. Unpublished Writings & Talks   [ updated 02/26/13 ]
  9. Books, Articles about   [ updated 07/22/13 ]
  10. Miscellanea, including bootleg items   [ updated 02/26/13 ]
  11. Selected Internet Sources   [ updated 02/26/13 ]
  12. Blurbs by McKenna   [ updated 03/18/13 ]

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